But looking ahead
is the way to evolve

Tryit s.r.l. was born from the experience of over 30 years of its founders, Salvatore D’Alessandro and Andrea Migliaccio, who decided to merge their skills to create a new business reality.

The professionality acquired over the years, the knowledge of the distribution and the logistics field, along with a new company structure, are what makes Tryit the ideal partner for those enterprises which want to move their business on national territory through a reliable, effective and efficient system.
With 2 logistic hubs in Campania, the headquartes being in San Marco Evangelista (Caserta), and another two separate locations in Polla (Salerno) and Perugia, Tryit is able to offer a tailored service in 24/48h on a National level.
Our territorial coverage is constantly expanding.


We live up
to our promises

That means creating a better company, stronger and more stable, and being diligent when it comes to commitments by taking action with a business mindset.

  • We help
    companies to achieve great results and to create long-term relationships by acting with due competence, offering true value to the business.
  • We value
    what’s different and unique about each individual contribution, promoting a trustworthy, open and inclusive work space.
  • We aim to
    continuously get better at being transparent, flexible and dynamic when it comes to our work.


Our daily

Tryit aims to distinguish itself for its ability to satisfy every request on the market, interpreting and anticipating its demands by developing multiple closely studied services in order to offer the type of logistics that operates at 360°.

  • Strike for quality
    not only by satisfying but also by exceeding our customers’ needs.
  • Answer efficiently
    by building transparent and long-lasting relationships through our constant commitment to always offer high-quality, valuable and useful services.
  • Innovating our skills
    by constantly growing so that we can always ensure an excellent, proactive and flexible service.

Safe and

certificato IQNET    certificato ISO 9001

Tryit is Lab Service HACCP Certified company.

When it comes to the grocery business, the HACCP certification is required of all the businesses in which the employees come into contact with food and beverage. Being provided with this documentation is essential, for it certifies the company’s regulatory compliance. Therefore the HACCP certification shows, on a national and European level, the respect of all the current regulations on food hygiene.


Caserta (headquarters)
  • via delle Industrie, unnumbered
    81020 San Marco Evangelista

  • Tel. (+39) 082 37 42 485

  • Località Sant’Antuono, unnumbered
    84035 Polla

  • Tel. (+39) 0975 19 85 114

  • via dell’Artigianato, 14
    06050 Collepepe

  • Tel. (+39) 075 78 22 433

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